Tuesday 16 July 2024

One document on Eartraining I

A complete user guide of all the exercises and all the different menus you can find here. It's in PDF-format with scores and sounds!?. This document alone is used by music teachers all over the world. Nothing we intended but since it free to download, go ahead and take a look.


Listen, buy and download 3 of Peters songs

Peter Mikkola


Technical info and system requirements

In order to be able to download Eartraining I and to send your statistics, you have to have your WAP function activated. In plain English it means that you can access the internet from your mobile phone. If you already can, skip the next paragraph. You don't need WAP when you play the game on your phone.

If you do not know if you have your WAP activated. Open the browser in your phone and type in an internet address, for instance: http://www.goggle.com If you see something that looks like Google your in. If you get an error message or something like "the server don't respond" you contact your mobile phone operator and they will help you. Often this can be done from their web sites. You just type in your phone number and they send you an SMS with the proper installations.

Your phone has to support Java MIDP 2.0 in order to work. Check this list. Devices listed in blue are supposed to work. Models listed in black will not work. Most mobile phones from 2006 and forward has MIDP 2.0.

On which mobile phones does Eartraining I work on?

Every mobile phone that supports Java MIDP 2.0. This is on paper. In reality it's not so simple. On Sony Ericsson it works great. Nokia too, besides one old model Nokia 5140. On Motorola we have problem with the sound that quits after 9 examples. You have to restart the game. Q-tek mobiles (PDA) with Windows OS doesn't work at all. Eartraining I don't work on any Touch phones.

To wrap it up we must honestly say that we can't keep track of all the brands and models out there. So if you buy the game you are welcome to write a very short e-mail and tell us if it works alright on your brand and model.

Safety and bugs

The code as you sure know by now is written in Java. The game doesn't interfere with your other components in your phone. Bugs have being seen but the fault in that case was that the memory in the phone was full. Trash some photos or ring signals and it will work just fine.


The game is approx. 46 kB in size when downloading and approx. 102 kB installed in your phone. That's literally nothing! The sound is the built-in sounds of the phone. The files are midi files.